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"Stanco worked on my 90s accord AC system a few years ago and replaced most components.

Unfortunately it broke again recently after being fixed twice. I took it back in and Stanco replaced the faulty parts and re-pressurized the system at absolutely no charge. They also installed all new O rings. It wasn't under warranty either. They just took responsibility for it. 5 stars!"

~ Fatty McSplivens O. • San Diego, CA • 02/02/2014

"I came in here for work on my air conditioning. Michael opened my hood and immediately said, "uh oh". Broken fan blade, and I had literally JUST driven from my regular auto repair shop after a tune-up and they hadn't noticed. What? Stanco did such a great job on my A/C, that when I needed a mechanic, I decided to call Stanco to get a recommendation. That's when I found out they do more than A/C! They do it all!

First off, they do quality work. They're thorough and it shows. They know their stuff. This is where I'm going from now on. I had a series of car problems recently, and Tom was amazing--he even came in on the weekend to help me out. Seriously? Above and beyond customer service. Michael drove out to my house to give me a ride back to the shop. I am so happy to have found these guys. They also work with other shops so you can get every kind of work done at this one-stop-shop. I just got my car painted there, and it looks way better than I even anticipated, and at a very affordable price. Next I'm going to get my headliner done, and maybe new carpeting. Yes, they can get that done for you too. Amazing, right? This is a terrific find. Highly highly recommended.

And Tom is a handsome devil ;)"

~ Barb L. • La Mesa, CA • 2/20/2013

"About 6 months ago I was giving a friends daughter a driving lesson in an empty parking lot. She hit a tree and all the air conditioning gas ran out. I called Stanco and I picked up a used part at the junkyard - the dryer. I bought new green o-rings for AC and installed the part. I took it to Stanco an they replaced a few common valve parts at the AC compressor and recharged the system and tested it for leaks. Now my the AC on my 1997 Saturn SW2 is back up and working great.

My background History and first call to Stanco: 06-06-2009
I have always performed most of my own maintenance including changing the serpentine belt on my 1997 Saturn SW2 - a car that I have owned since it was new. About a week after putting the belt on I got a chirping / whirring noise. The noise sounded like it was coming from the Air conditioning or AC compressor. I started shopping around and got quotes as high as $1000 or more!

I looked for places that specialized in Automotive Air conditioning because I knew this could get really expensive and I wanted it done right. Also, I sold my motorcycle in June so this is my only form of transportation. Hearing the noise and knowing it could lead to a break down and leave me without a car made me really nervous.

I checked Yelp but there few reviews for auto repair. I went to yellow pages online and found and started calling only places that listed AC as a specialty. When I called Stanco I spoke with Michael. He was listened carefully and took my information and said he would call with an estimate. A day later he called with a range of options from used to new parts. I think he realized the car is older and is in its sunset years so he didn't try to pressure me. So often when I call for quotes in San Diego people are rude or just want you to come down in person so they can sell you something.

This place is one of the few places that will change a bearing or clutch - every other place I spoke with said "yeah, we don't do that anymore" because it might not last. My car is 13 years old with 136K and doesn't have many years left. I got laid off in the spring - translation? Now is not the best time for $700+ repair.

When I called Michael today, he suggested I use a special test to determine if the noise was coming from the belt / pulleys or the ac compressor. I tried it and the noise went away completely. This means the compressor bearing is had nothing wrong with it. This saved me a lot of money and no one else I talked to on-line, off-line, at the auto store knew this trick.

Bottom line:
there is no substitute for experience, honesty and the willingness to listen to the customer. I told Michael I repair computers and said he could have two hours of my time whenever he needed it and I would post a review on Yelp. I now have a place that I feel confident about recommending for automotive Air conditioning work."

~ Paul C. • San Diego, CA • 01/16/2013

"I needed the air conditioner in my van fixed by a certain day and time and it was done to my satisfaction. Don't be afraid of the old and dusty looking office. It looks like that because they have been around a long time and spend their time working on cars! Very friendly and knowledgeable service and would not hesitate to bring my cars back here. Highly recommended."

~ Jack B. • San Diego, CA • 9/19/2011

"I had a very positive experience with Michael at Stanco. My mechanic referred me so I already knew he was going to be good, but he was also nice, helpful, friendly, and very knowledgeable in his area of car A/C's."

~ Kathryn • 09/08/2011

"Excellent service. Know their business and explain everything so we could understand. Are to go back for a free follow up checkup in a few months to be sure everything is OK. Friendly and comfortable to deal with. We will remain customers."

~ Anita A. • San Diego, CA • 6/27/2011

"During the hottest part of the summer, the a/c in my 1991 BMW went out. My regular mechanic (who doesn't work on a/c) recommended Stanco.

I spoke to Michael and made an appointment to drop off my car. Eddie was the one who worked on it, and told me I would need a new air compressor clutch assembly. As you can imagine, this was not an inexpensive assembly, but going without a/c is not an option for me, so I gave the ok to order the parts and install. It took a little longer than expected (2 days), but Michael stayed late on the second day to make sure it was finished. He even arranged a ride back to the shop after hours so that I could get my car.

Overall, a good experience with Stanco."

~ Missy I. • San Diego, CA • 2/28/2009

"These guys are the best! I dropped my car off for an AC diagnostic and got a detailed explanation of what needed to be done with a price quote.

I was pleased to find out upon completion, the repair cost less than the initial quote. Honesty and integrity! They got my AC back to it's usual freezing cold self.

They also found another issue, my harmonic balancer, got the part and fixed it quickly.

I am now happy knowing that for any type of work on my car I can take it to the guys (and Casey the dog) at Stanco. Thank you Tom, Mike and Aaron!

I highly recommend them!!"

~ Lori P. • San Diego, CA